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Why Men Cheat

Welcome back for another fresh nuru massage video! In this one is all about family and the ritual of passage to the next generation. Eric Masterson brought his son Tyler to the parlor for a special  massage and to also teach him why men cheat.  Eric started by explaining how much he loves his wife, but he also admitted that some of his needs can’t be met by her. Tyler couldn’t really understand what he was saying but he enjoyed being surrounded by all these gorgeous women wearing only robes. He knew this was going to be the best massage he ever got!

After explaining these things to his son he then sent him to the Karlee Grey for a nuru special massage.  This was his first massage but his dad explained how things work before they got there. So he wasn’t too surprised to see the curvy masseuse completely naked in front of him but he also wasn’t expecting her to do such a great job blowing his dick and then riding his dick. Karlee gave him a massage he won’t forget too soon and the end made it all worth it! You must check out the entire video to see everything that went down on the massage mat and make sure you return for more steamy updates. Enjoy it!

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Nuru Massage Video Wife Hires Waif

Nuru massage brought you another amazing scene starring the sexy masseuse Melissa Moore, Marco Ducati and his hot wife Abella Danger. Marco was surprised by his wife with a massage, but she didn’t have any idea what was going to happen there. They both arrived there and after seeing the girl that was about to massage her husband she got a bit curious so she spied on them. She heard about what really happens in these massage sessions so she took a closer look to see what the hot masseuse was doing to her husband. Melissa understood her concern so she invited her to join in the massage room to be a part and to learn some tricks to try out at home.

Once they got in the room things really got hot and she saw the sexy masseuse completely naked she knew that she had to step up. That didn’t stop Melissa from doing her job and she ended up teaching Abella how to massage her husband. She had a blast playing around with her husband with all that oil and gel and spreading all over his body. But with all that oil and the rubbing things got really hot and instead of massaging they ended up taking turns on getting fucked by Marco. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more steamy nuru scenes!

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Start My Engine on Nuru Massage

We have another hot video from nuru massage and you must see Brett getting fucked by Marco Ducati. The sexy blonde had a very unpleasant surprise the other day when her car broke and the worst part was that her AAAA just expired. But the gorgeous blonde was in luck because a hot motorist stops to help her out and offers to boost her battery. Brett had cleared her schedule so she had all the time in the world to thank Marco for his help.

She had an amazing career on giving massages so that seemed the proper way to show just how appreciative she really is for the extending hand. She invited Marco over to her place and told him that she is a professional masseuse, but he didn’t get it until he saw her completely naked entering the room. It didn’t take Marco too long to end up fucking the sexy masseuse after she undressed him it was pretty clear. Enjoy and we’ll see you in a few days with more!

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Nuru Massage Porn Video

Last updated: January 18th, 2017

In this latest nuru massage porn video, we got the gorgeous Jayden Cole and Alison Rey. Hot stepmother Jayden was worried about her daughter Alison, because of her weird behavior lately. She had a huge bowl of liquid lube next to her bed, only towels in the closet and waterproof sheets so she decided to spy on her. Jayden hides in her daughter’s closet and heard a very interesting phone conversation.

When she was asked, Alison told her step mom that she give massages and offered her one. Jayden was pretty amazed by her step daughter’s skills and things got hotter and hotter between them especially when she touched her mom inappropriately. She apologized for it, but Jayden didn’t seem too bothered about it, so she told her mom to open her legs wide open and the rest you can see in the video below. Enjoy it and don’t forget to get back for more updates!

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Nuru Massage – Slippery and Oily

I guarantee you perish to see the subsequent nuru massage update, so I’m not planning to hold this new submit any more. We’ve got a very naughty blonde babe for your own personal enjoyment today, who’s intending to explain to you how she is able to help her client get a boner in only a short while. This beautiful blonde is likely to make her customer not simply to lose his brain, but also to lose his cum, and just about all these will occur in just a few moments. The gal with the golden hair is needless to say an expert, actually she’s probably the most popular masseuses we have, therefore it won’t be difficult for her to help him get excited immediately.

The moment she put her experienced very small hands on his physique, it was a bliss for this male. He was moved bit by bit by that fingers packed with soap foam, he was treated and spoiled like he desired, after a real demanding week. His entire body was totally coated in slick oils, getting replenished and fired up. In addition this stunning blonde wound up with this guy’s massive tool into her hands. She took benefit of the problem and jerked that cock like never. You’ll view the entire scene here, definitely! If you are looking for similar passionate sex scenes, check out the Lust Cinema website! Have fun and see you soon!


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Nuru Massage – Fucking your GF

A fresh new nuru massage video is about to be revealed and you are going to love it. See this hot brunette having a great time with her lover, in fact the fuck buddy that she has while her lover is out of town. She applied lots of lubricant all over the place, offering him a complete access all over her smoking hot body. And since she was just as horny as he was, she let him shove his tongue into her muffin. Get ready to see what are the things that are going to be exposed here, into this video, and have a great time.

Enjoy watching how is she grabbing his colossal tool as well, slurping it and munching it, taking it right between her lips so she could swallow the whole amount. Enjoy seeing what are the things that are about to happen  with these two and get ready to be amazed. See the new fuck for cash galleries as well, cause there are some similar videos for your amusement! Enjoy!


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Abby Cross and Tony Martinez

Another fresh week and time for another nuru massage scene to be delivered to you. As you know you can find the best of the best scenes with hot and horny babes here every week and this time it’s no different. We make sure to have the sexiest masseuses enjoying themselves as they do full body massages for these studs and of course they get to enjoy a little treat too at the end when they give the special happy end to the whole thing. Today it’s a bit of a special occasion as thank you for following us for so long, and we have the one and only masseuse named Abby Cross as she gets to have some fun with Tony Martinez in her afternoon massage today!

The amazing Abby is one of the experts here at nurumassage and she knows how to make her clients feel really good during the regular massage and the last part too. As soon as the cameras roll, the brown haired cutie gets straight to work and she gets right on top og the guy, pouring those aromatic oils on his chest. See her hands gently rubbing his body for a nice and long while as he relaxes and enjoys the amazing oily massage that he’s getting. Well eventually the babe gets to work on his dick to make sure it’s rock hard and with that you can see her mounting it. See those perky tits bounce up and down as she fucks him today and do come again soon for more!


Abby Cross Porn

You are just in time to see some more new and fresh Abby Cross porn this afternoon with the beauty herself and you can note that we have quite the special and sexy video for you all to check out here today. Miss Abby is always happy to put those masseuse skills on display for whoever wants to check her out and let themselves in her tender care for the afternoon. So for this one watch her do the usual and have a client in her private room and see those hands work the stud all over. After they are done with that, you can see the babe suck his big cock and bend over for him to and take that cock deep in her pussy doggie style this fine day. So yeah, check it all out a you usually do, and come back again next week for many more new and juicy action scenes with Abby!


Abby Cross Nude


Abby is back in action with this brand new and fresh scene and you can see her eagerly getting to work oh this dude’s hot body for the session. So let’s check out a brand new Abby Cross nude scene with the lovely and sexy woman working her shift at the nuru salon today as per usual. You know she always makes the best massages for her clients and we’re sure that the guy here can fully agree with that statement as it’s not his first visit to her massage room as you can probably tell already. Well watch lovely miss Abby get naked for the guy and then check her out as she does the massaging and of course check out the happy end of their little get together here today too. We’ll bring some more new and juicy action soon enough and you can count on it being incredibly juicy too!


Tony Martinez Porn Massage Nuru

Take some time to check out today’s Tony Martinez porn massage nuru as he gets to have the honor of playing with the one only sexy masseuse Abby Cross here this afternoon. She takes him to the shower first and foremost and you can see her soaping up his body nicely while she kisses him passionately. She gets all over his naked body and the aim here of course is to get that cock nice and hard and standing at attention. Which of curse isn’t hard to do when you’re a cutie of a masseuse that’s really good with her hands and horny to boot. Anyway, check Abby in action once again and see her making sure that Tony Martinez has some unforgettable moments here with her today. We’re sure that you will like it and you can expect to see more soon enough too!



Abby Cross Nuru HD


Since last one showed you a bit more of what the babe can do even outside of just a normal massage, the smoking hot Abby Cross wants to show off today another lovely and classy Abby Cross nuru HD scene. But of course, this high definition gallery takes place in the bathtub, since last time you got to see her in the shower.  The eager client was more than happy to allow Abby to do whatever she wants to him and you can tell that this was going to be a good one to say the least. So yeah, check the perky and cute masseuse as she gets to bend over for this client as well and see her taking a doggie style pussy pounding for this afternoon as she moans in pleasure. And do stick around, there are many many more juicy galleries to check out with even more hot babes!


Did I Mention This?

Since she has a new guy on her hands, Abby Cross is very happy to get to teach the guy about the pleasures of a nuru massage. And as you can see it went on pretty well. After she had him strip and lay down he seemed a bit surprised to feel her naked body pressed onto him, at which point she asked ” did I mention this? “. And that was pretty much all the guy needed to know about what a nuru massage means. Oh and she assured him that the happy end was pretty much a guaranteed thing to happen too, which got the guy only harder and more eager to see this massage session to the end. So like always, enjoy the view of this incredible and sexy nuru session and we’ll be right back next week with another new and fresh content update like always for you all to check out!




Sexy Abby Cross XXX


It seems that for this sexy Abby Cross xxx massage session we’re going back to the tub and the pretty green eyed babe with her amazing body is ready to get to show off some more of her stuff and be put on display for this afternoon. She knows how pretty she is and she’s always happy to let guys feel the touch of her expert hands and her smooth silky skin pressed against their bodies during the sensual and sexy nuru massages every single time and you can rest assured that by the time she was ready to give the guy his happy end, she had this guy diamond hard too. See her sucking his thick cock and then watch her taking it in both her ass and pussy for the show. There will be more to check out next time so make sure that you drop by and check it all out okay?


Abby Cross Creampie



For this week we wand you to check out a Abby Cross creampie scene with the masseuse herself getting it of course. The sexy babe and her client get to play on the nuru massage bed this time as you can see from the previews here and you can bet that that was put to some really good use this afternoon of course. Sit back and watch the beautiful and cute babe Abby Cross as she eventually spreads her legs for the guy and you can see her taking it from the back, and after that, she gets to take a nice and hard cowgirl style ride on it as well. You can see that pussy pounded from all angles and in all positions and like the title suggests, this ends with the sexy masseuse taking the guy’s load in her eager pussy today. Do check it out and come back soon to see more!




Tony Martinez Abby Cross Nuru

This Tony Martinez Abby Cross nuru session is another one that you can’t miss out on as you get to watch the busty masseuse take care of her favorite client. Tony has come here many times so far and he’s quite happy to always be getting miss Abby to take care of him every time he gets to drop on by. Well when it comes to a deliciously pretty and very horny nuru masseuse like Abby you’d understand why the guy always asks for her and only her. One might think he’s in love, and that’s probably true as Abby does have a way to seduce the guys she wants for herself. Anyway, do take the time to enjoy this one as per usual and check out the incredibly kinky fuck that Abby gets to be involved in for the afternoon once more. We’ll be back soon with some more for you all to see!




Abby Cross Lesbian

You’re just in time to get to check out an incredible Abby Cross lesbian scene for this one everyone. And of course, it’s also a video this time too. Watch and enjoy the action with Abby once again and this time you can see her playing around with a colleague of hers as well as the two get to share some very very intimate moments with one another as they get to play kinky. And the other babe is another masseuse which you will probably see in the future around here too, and her and Abby are just magical to see in action in this video. Do watch Abby getting to be on the receiving end of the massage and see her moaning cutely in pleasure as the big breasted brunette masseuse gives her a nuru massage for this one. We bet that you will love it as much as Abby enjoyed herself today!



Hard Day Of Work

A hard day of work would be an understatement for this one as Abby Cross makes a return for this afternoon’s show and once more she’s got one new and fresh fuck to end the nuru massage she was giving this client of hers today. The bed was all set and the guy all nude, so watch her get right on top of things as she oils him and herself up and then as per nuru massage fashion, you can see that amazing body rubbed all over the guy’s own body too. She carries this on until he’s fully relaxed and of course that cock, rock hard too. At which point you will see the lovely lady mount it cowgirl style and starting to ride it with a passion for this afternoon. We’ll see you again next week with another show, so make sure you check back at the salon then to see it all!




Abby Cross Anal


Are you guys ready to see a superbly hot Abby Cross anal scene today? the spunky nuru masseuse is always down to have a good and hard fuck as you all know when she’s pretty much done with her massage sessions. This superbly hot masseuse is pretty much all set to go with the guy and you can see that she was quite fast to be done with the massage part as well of this nuru session for the afternoon. Well since she is always pretty horny you can bet that she was eager to get to have that cock in her without delay today. Watch her spread those legs and then see her moan in pleasure as her holes get pounded hard. The scene ends with the guy nutting of course and you can see that load blown all over her belly when it’s all said and done. Enjoy it and see you soon everyone!

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Nuru Massage – After Flight Massage

Hey there guys and gals, as you know, there’s plenty of things to enjoy during a nuru massage but having one of these is the best after a long flight. This guy can attest to that as he just got off the plane after a really long flight and he needed to unwind. The first place he entered was the salon and the babes here know exactly how to make sure that he’s all comfy and relaxed when he leaves too. The babe taking care of his needs for the afternoon is a fiery blonde with tattoos and she looks smoking hot as you can see. Let’s not waste time and check this brand new scene out as we bet that you are all eager to see this woman in action.

The long flight demands a happy end too and you get to see it rest assured. But the babe starts off first with the regular massage as he’s aching all over so it wouldn’t be too enjoyable for either if the guy sprained a muscle or something. You can think of it as some form or foreplay. Anyway, watch her doing a full body massage, using even her big sexy breasts for the job and in no time she has the guy feeling all better too. Take your time to see her massage his cock with her pussy as well for that extra touch that we mentioned and see the having fun with it. We bet that the guy is going to be making more and more returns to the salon too!


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A Special Treat

As the title says, for this nuru massage scene you get to enjoy some more hot babes giving their clients special treatments. And for this scene we get to see another rather petite cutie as she gets around to offer her special client some more treats other than the nude full body massage. As you know, these babes are masters with their hands and bodies and no guy has left unsatisfied from here. Just take your time to check this little lady out as she puts on display every skill that the sexy masseuses here posses. It’s one simply stunning and hot nuru scene to see with her and we’re sure she’s going to be on your minds from now on.


Rest assured that she’s going to be featured in more nuru massage updates from now on as well, after the show that she ended up putting on for you guys and the cameras. Just like all the babes and all the scenes, the babe starts off wtih some aromatic oils that she puts on the stud’s body and she makes sure to spread them all over. Just watch her expert little hands work every inch and every muscle and of course that includes the guy’s cock. Mainly because at this point it was rock hard and the babe wanted to massage it too. So take your time to see her massaging his cock as well with her two hands and see her carry on until he blows today as well. Bye bye!

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Babysat Me

Hey there again and welcome to more all new and hot nuru massage updates everyone. We just had to bring your attention to this new babe here today. As you can see, she is a tall and fair blonde babe with short hair and she’s rocking a nice tattoo on her back as well that makes her look even hotter. Well that’s not the only thing she’s going to rock this afternoon, as she’s going to rock his world too. She’s always eager to get down and dirty with the studs that she fancies and she had her eyes on this dude for a while now and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let him go after this nurumassage today without getting some special treatment herself.

It’s hard to not give in to this babe’s temptations in the first place. Just look at that incredible body of hers. Rest assured that she knows just how good she looks and that guys just can’t say no to her. She always uses that to get them to have sex with her after the massages. She’s packing a perfect pair of big round tits, a slim waist, that sexy round ass and also a eager pussy too. Watch her get done with the massage fairly quick as she was getting more and more horny and in the mood. Then you can see her riding that big cock of the guy on the massage table and she doesn’t stop until the guy blows his load too. Enjoy the view everyone!


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