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My Muscle Spasms on Nuru Massage

Tommy Gunn is back for another Nuru massage, but while filling out the health questionnaire, his masseuse Hope Harper noticed that he has back problems. She asked him about them and found out that Tommy had these problems for two weeks. Hope insisted that he should see a doctor about them, but Tommy hoped that a massage will help him out. Hope took her client to the tub and treated him extremely carefully. Tommy already started feeling better once he saw her dazzling curves as she took off her robe. Once in the tub they exchanged a couple of kisses and Tommy’s dick rises to the occasion, Hope started stroking him feverishly using soap. But there’s more!

But it was time to get to the actual massage. Moving onto the mat she covered her client in the famous Nuru gel. Hope continued with sliding her tiny body along his, soothing his sore muscles. Once she was ready to service his big dick, she flipped him over and sucked him. Tommy plopped her onto his hard dick and plunged her fiercely in a reverse cowgirl. Hope went wild riding him and you can see it all in the nurumassage update below. We are sure that this massage made Tommy completely forget about his back problems. Check it out and tell us what you think about it!


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Soapy Massage

We got another cute blond masseuse Haley Reed gets to massage Damon Dice in this hot Nuru massage update. Damon saved up for a while now to get a full nuru experience but things didn’t go the way he wanted. Once they got in the massage room, he noticed a normal massage table. Harley checks it with her manager and told Damon that his massage was moved to the next week because they were waiting for some supplies. Haley felt bad for him so she offered him a soapy massage instead. After she explained what happens during it Damon accepted. Instead of using the nuru gel she was soaping him up and he still got to fuck her, so it wasn’t too different.

Once they are both naked they got to the bathtub and she started stroking his dick and kissing his neck. Damon really enjoyed her company and getting away for his nagging wife. Once they got to the massage table she rubbed some soap on her perky tits then stars sliding up and down. When she started working his front side, she slid down to blow his dick, and once he was hard she shoved it deep inside her pussy. Damon continued to fuck her until Harley squirts. You can check out the entire scene below and we’ll bring you more next time so stay tuned. Enjoy it!


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Nuru Massage – Lesbian Impulse

The nuru masseuse, Charlotte Stokely was at home relaxing when her boss called her. There was a client on her way to her place, a female client. Before she got to hang up the phone, her client Gia Paige was already there. Charlotte welcomes her to her place and started explaining what really is a Nuru massage and tell her that the massage was going to be really intimate. Gia knew all of that and that was the reason she was there. As they were ready to get in the shower Gia was the one undressing her masseuse and she seemed more comfortable than Charlotte was. Gia really wanted to try out one of these massages and she was eager to have another woman offering her all the pleasure.

While they were in the shower, Gia gave her some tips of what she likes. After they got to the mattress, Gia lied down on her stomach as Charlotte got a handful of nuru gel and started rubbing it on her body.  She started sliding up and down on her client and in no time the girls were rubbing, stroking and suckling one another’s pussy. It’s been a while since the last lesbian massage and you are going to have a blast with these gorgeous babes pleasing one another in this latest video. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more nurumassage scenes!


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Executive Release

Seth Gamble is the one getting pleased in this Nuru massage video. The business executive wants to unwind after a hard day at work, so he booked a massage. While he was waiting in the spa, he gave his wife a call to let her know that he is working late that night. He was sick of listening to her bitching. Gina Valentina joined him on the sofa as he was ending his call with the wife and promised him an exotic massage. She took him to the pampering room, where all the magic happens. Gina takes off her robe and shows off her sexy red lingerie. Seth hung up his jacket and let the masseuse take off the rest of his clothes.

Gina takes down her sexy lingerie and dazzled Seth with her perky tits. While they were in the tub he wanted to rewrite the rules of the massage, standing on the edge of the tube with his dick in Gina’s face and she responsively starts sucking it until he almost gets off. She then invited him to the mat, where she began sliding up and down on him, rubbing her pussy against him. That turned her on, so she flipped him over looking for more contact with his dick. Gina pops his dick in her pussy and rides him eagerly, offering him a juicy view. Enjoy!

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Promo Rub

Ebony masseuse Skylar Nicole is back with another amazing Nuru massage video. Tyler Knight was her client today and this was his first massage. He entered the spa with a coupon for a free massage and Skylar is more that happy to take care of him during her promo rub. Tyler was complaining about a sore shoulder, but when he saw the gorgeous masseuse taking down her robe, showing off her sexy lavender lingerie he completely forgot about it the pain. She helped him undress as well and took him to the shower. Tyler can barely believe his eyes as she started cleaning her body and gently rubs his dick.

Tyler, erect and aroused, is now taken to the mattress for the actual massage. He couldn’t believe that this was just the beginning. Skyler covers her naked hot body with Nuru gel and started sliding on her client’s back. But right when things were about to really go somewhere she stops and tells him that this is all the promo massage covers. Skyler let him know that if he wants to continue he had to pay for the rest. Tyler tells Skylar to do on and she continues with sucking off his dick and then he got to pound her pussy from underneath. See them in action in the video below!

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O’ Brother Grow Up

Nuru massage is back with another great video and in this one, we have another family affair. The sexy Jojo Kiss has an after school job to earn some cash, but it isn’t your ordinary job. She works at the massage parlor and now everyone in her school found out that she’s giving hand jobs at work including her brother Tyler. So today while Jojo was fixing up her bed wearing her bra and panties, he came to her room and confronted her. She tried calming him down but he was so turned up that she didn’t have another option. She pulled the covers off her bed and showed him her massage mattress.

She had to convince him to keep it for himself and let their parents out of it. If they found out things won’t be too great for her. So Jojo had to offer him a massage, but Tyler didn’t seem too interested in her plan. Jojo, butt naked, was trying to undress him and he kept on covering her private parts. Once she finally undressed him, she covered herself with her nuru gel and started sliding up and down on top of him. While she was rubbing him, she let him know that he was going to get fuck in this massage session. See tyler drilling her soaping pussy so hard that her ponytail came loose. Check her out in the video below!


Not My Type

Kurt Lockwood came to the spa for a Nuru massage. Karter Foxx wasn’t his first pick but she was the one available, so he went with here. It was clear from the beginning that she had to work really hard to please him. It was pretty weird because Karter was beautiful, but she still wasn’t his type. Karter escorts him to the shower and promises him that she will try extra hard to make him happy. She was pretty confident that her massage skills will change his mind. She takes off seductively her white robe and shows off her hot body.

Karter warms him up with a blowjob, she also had a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Karter brings him to the mat where she told him to lie down on his stomach. She took a handful of nuru gel and started rubbing it on her and one his back. She glides her naked body on him, she did such a  great time that the poor guy started begging for her pussy and he was lucky because she doesn’t denies it. Karter pops his knob in her wet pussy. Kurt decided that she was going to be his regular girl. Kurt fucks her deep till she cums and then spits his load over her pussy. This was all for todau but you must check her out in action in the video below. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more scenes!

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I Got Laid Off on Nuru Massage

Bailey Brooke got to massage her former boss in this latest nuru massage video. Marcus London just fired her last week and she got this job at the massage spa. He knew her boss from the spa and threatens to report her for bad service if she doesn’t do a great job, just like Kelly on PornFidelity! Bailey couldn’t afford getting fired twice in a one, so she made sure that his massage was going to be unforgettable. Bailey took care of him the best way possible and already how things were going to end, just by the way he was looking at her.

He enjoyed getting a good look at her hot naked body after she took off her robe. Bailey felt weird about it but she couldn’t complain about it because that might get her fired. While they were in the shower he admitted that he always wanted to nail her. After they moved to the mat, Bailey got a full hand of nuru gel and slathers on his back. When they got to the oil rub he was really enjoying the massage, as she started to suck his balls and jerk off his dick. They ended up fucking sideways while she was rubbing her clit. Click here to find out that how their massage session ended and if Bailey got to keep her job after massaging her ex boss. Enjoy!

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Get Me Off

Nuru masseuse Katrine Jade welcomes her new shy client Jenna Sativa, that never got a massage from another girl.  She was so nervous to come here because she heard what really goes around here behind closed doors. But Jenna was in the best hands because Katrina was so nice and carrying about her clients. Katrina did her best to try and help her out to loosen up, pattering her breasts and lips with kissing while taking off her clothes for the shower. Katrina gushed over Jenna’s cute butt and then started undressing. That made Jenna loosen up a bit and Katrina could now continue with her massaging session.

The girls started kissing one another lustily and Katrina started soaping her private parts. They moved to the mattress where Katrina gets a handful of nuru gel and spreads it all over her Jenna’s body. Katrina can barely wait to taste her again so she slides down between her long legs, licking her pussy to finish the orgasm the evil angel started. Katrina and Jenna feast on their wet pussies in a 69 formation. Jenna surely won’t forget her first massage and she’ll return soon for more hopefully for a part two with sexy Katrina. How hot would that be! Check out below the entire video to see everything that went down between these two hot lesbians in this nurumassage session!

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Tax Man Video

Penny had to really work in this nuru massage video and she gave us one of the best massages. The spa was being audited by Eric Masteron and she had to avoid penalties no matter what, so her boss told her to do anything he asks her to do. Penny met with him and he didn’t have any great news because the spa had a few problems that needed fixing and there were a few penalties that should be paid by them. After hearing this Penny knew that it was up to her to fix this and to avoid the parlor getting shut down. She could do anything she wanted so she worked her charms on the tense tax man.

Penny invited him to the massage room for a complimentary massage at the spa. She knew just what to do to get his to change his mind. She went to her room changed and after she appeared naked in front of him she started undressing him too. After seeing her naked, the poor dude could not stop checking out at her smoking hot body, she is perfect! Then they went to the shower where Penny made sure he was all cleaned up, especially his dick. Afterward, the massage mattress was next and the sexy redhead offered him a full body massage he won’t forget too soon. For similar videos, check out the site and see another hot babe offering amazing handjobs!

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