Cindy Starfall & Jade Kush & Ryan Mclane Facesitting Video

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Ryan McLane walks into his favorite salon parlor owned by his buddy, who greets him at the door. Ryan’s heard a rumor that he has two smoking hot Asian beauties in the house and wonders if it’s true. When his friend confirms his suspicions, he asks if he can meet them. The answer is affirmative. When he meets Jade Kush and Cindy Starfall, they’re both so hot that he can’t choose between them. The owner appreciates Ryan’s loyalty so much that he makes him a deal: he gives him the two-for-one option and Ryan couldn’t be more thrilled. When they get to the back room, Jade and Cindy volunteer to help him get undressed. When his pants hit the floor, not a second passes before Cindy’s stroking his erect cock. They enter the shower and the girls tag team him while Jade massages his balls and Cindy strokes his cock. Once the girls are nice and turned on, they both get on their knees and start sucking his dick. They stop abruptly, reminding him that they still have to get to the massage. They lead him to the mat and Ryan lies down to get oiled up. They pour the Nuru gel all over his body and massage it deep into his skin. As the girls oil up their respective bodies, they take turns grinding his dick with their bodies. And when they are overpowered with lust, they just need that cock inside them and Ryan is more than happy to return the favor in kind.