Tommy Gunn & Hope Harper

Tommy Gunn is back for another Nuru massage, but while filling out the health questionnaire, his masseuse Hope Harper noticed that he has back problems. She asked him about them and found out that Tommy had these problems for two weeks. Hope insisted that he should see a doctor about them, but Tommy hoped that a massage will help him out. Hope took her client to the tub and treated him extremely carefully. Tommy already started feeling better once he saw her dazzling curves as she took off her robe. Once in the tub they exchanged a couple of kisses and Tommy’s dick rises to the occasion, Hope started stroking him feverishly using soap. But there’s more!

But it was time to get to the actual massage. Moving onto the mat she covered her client in the famous Nuru gel. Hope continued with sliding her tiny body along his, soothing his sore muscles. Once she was ready to service his big dick, she flipped him over and sucked him. Tommy plopped her onto his hard dick and plunged her fiercely in a reverse cowgirl. Hope went wild riding him and you can see it all in the nurumassage update below. We are sure that this massage made Tommy completely forget about his back problems. Check it out and tell us what you think about it!