Nuru Gel Supply Delivery

This week’s nuru massage scene features the delivery guy getting some attention too. As the title says it, the salon needed some more gels/oils and the delivery was due today. This stud that’s always coming by, is never late and is always on his best behavior around the place, even though he gets to see some of the babes walking around completely nude, strutting their stuff with those sexy bodies. Well, in addition to the fees for the materials he brought by, today the sexy babes decided to reward him too as a bonus. So in this scene, you can see him getting around to enjoy a nice and special massage from a very sexy and hot babe too.

The guy refused her special treat at first, but this babe just grabbed him and pulled him in one of the rooms. He wasn’t going to miss out on this whether he liked it or not. Well the fact that she got him naked and herself quite fast, also helped. Anyway, check her out laying the guy on his back on the massage bed and see her starting to use her expert hands to massage him nicely. You can see her putting the rest of her body to work as well as she rubs herself all over him and takes her time to make him feel good. And of course, the happy end was included too as she used her tight pussy to massage his cock as well today!