Special After Flight Massage

Hey there guys and gals, as you know, there’s plenty of things to enjoy during a nuru massage but having one of these is the best after a long flight. This guy can attest to that as he just got off the plane after a really long flight and he needed to unwind. The first place he entered was the salon and the babes here know exactly how to make sure that he’s all comfy and relaxed when he leaves too. The babe taking care of his needs for the afternoon is a fiery blonde with tattoos and she looks smoking hot as you can see. Let’s not waste time and check this brand new scene out as we bet that you are all eager to see this woman in action.

The long flight demands a happy end too and you get to see it rest assured. But the babe starts off first with the regular massage as he’s aching all over so it wouldn’t be too enjoyable for either if the guy sprained a muscle or something. You can think of it as some form or foreplay. Anyway, watch her doing a full body massage, using even her big sexy breasts for the job and in no time she has the guy feeling all better too. Take your time to see her massage his cock with her pussy as well for that extra touch that we mentioned and see the having fun with it. We bet that the guy is going to be making more and more returns to the salon too!