Melissa Moore, Marco Ducati & His Hot Wife Abella Danger

Nuru massage brought you another amazing scene starring the sexy masseuse Melissa Moore, Marco Ducati and his hot wife Abella Danger. Marco was surprised by his wife with a massage, but she didn’t have any idea what was going to happen there. They both arrived there and after seeing the girl that was about to massage her husband she got a bit curious so she spied on them. She heard about what really happens in these massage sessions so she took a closer look to see what the hot masseuse was doing to her husband. Melissa understood her concern so she invited her to join in the massage room to be a part and to learn some tricks to try out at home.

Once they got in the room things really got hot and she saw the sexy masseuse completely naked she knew that she had to step up. That didn’t stop Melissa from doing her job and she ended up teaching Abella how to massage her husband. She had a blast playing around with her husband with all that oil and gel and spreading all over his body. But with all that oil and the rubbing things got really hot and instead of massaging they ended up taking turns on getting fucked by Marco. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more steamy nuru scenes!