Kurt Lockwood with Karter Foxx

Kurt Lockwood came to the spa for a Nuru massage. Karter Foxx wasn’t his first pick but she was the one available, so he went with here. It was clear from the beginning that she had to work really hard to please him. It was pretty weird because Karter was beautiful, but she still wasn’t his type. Karter escorts him to the shower and promises him that she will try extra hard to make him happy. She was pretty confident that her massage skills will change his mind. She takes off seductively her white robe and shows off her hot body.

Karter warms him up with a blowjob, she also had a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Karter brings him to the mat where she told him to lie down on his stomach. She took a handful of nuru gel and started rubbing it on her and one his back. She glides her naked body on him, she did such a great time that the poor guy started begging for her pussy and he was lucky because she doesn’t denies it. Karter pops his knob in her wet pussy. Kurt decided that she was going to be his regular girl. Kurt fucks her deep till she cums and then spits his load over her pussy. This was all for todau but you must check her out in action in the video below. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more scenes!