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Why Men Cheat

Last updated: February 3rd, 2017

Welcome back for another fresh nuru massage video! In this one is all about family and the ritual of passage to the next generation. Eric Masterson brought his son Tyler to the parlor for a special  massage and to also teach him why men cheat.  Eric started by explaining how much he loves his wife, but he also admitted that some of his needs can’t be met by her. Tyler couldn’t really understand what he was saying but he enjoyed being surrounded by all these gorgeous women wearing only robes. He knew this was going to be the best massage he ever got!

After explaining these things to his son he then sent him to the Karlee Grey for a nuru special massage.  This was his first massage but his dad explained how things work before they got there. So he wasn’t too surprised to see the curvy masseuse completely naked in front of him but he also wasn’t expecting her to do such a great job blowing his dick and then riding his dick. Karlee gave him a massage he won’t forget too soon and the end made it all worth it! You must check out the entire video to see everything that went down on the massage mat and make sure you return for more steamy updates. Enjoy it!

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Nuru Massage Video Wife Hires Waif

Last updated: January 31st, 2017

Nuru massage brought you another amazing scene starring the sexy masseuse Melissa Moore, Marco Ducati and his hot wife Abella Danger. Marco was surprised by his wife with a massage, but she didn’t have any idea what was going to happen there. They both arrived there and after seeing the girl that was about to massage her husband she got a bit curious so she spied on them. She heard about what really happens in these massage sessions so she took a closer look to see what the hot masseuse was doing to her husband. Melissa understood her concern so she invited her to join in the massage room to be a part and to learn some tricks to try out at home.

Once they got in the room things really got hot and she saw the sexy masseuse completely naked she knew that she had to step up. That didn’t stop Melissa from doing her job and she ended up teaching Abella how to massage her husband. She had a blast playing around with her husband with all that oil and gel and spreading all over his body. But with all that oil and the rubbing things got really hot and instead of massaging they ended up taking turns on getting fucked by Marco. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more steamy nuru scenes!

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Start My Engine on Nuru Massage

Last updated: January 26th, 2017

We have another hot video from nuru massage and you must see Brett getting fucked by Marco Ducati. The sexy blonde had a very unpleasant surprise the other day when her car broke and the worst part was that her AAAA just expired. But the gorgeous blonde was in luck because a hot motorist stops to help her out and offers to boost her battery. Brett had cleared her schedule so she had all the time in the world to thank Marco for his help.

She had an amazing career on giving massages so that seemed the proper way to show just how appreciative she really is for the extending hand. She invited Marco over to her place and told him that she is a professional masseuse, but he didn’t get it until he saw her completely naked entering the room. It didn’t take Marco too long to end up fucking the sexy masseuse after she undressed him it was pretty clear. Enjoy and we’ll see you in a few days with more!

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Nuru Massage Porn Video

Last updated: January 18th, 2017

In this latest nuru massage porn video, we got the gorgeous Jayden Cole and Alison Rey. Hot stepmother Jayden was worried about her daughter Alison, because of her weird behavior lately. She had a huge bowl of liquid lube next to her bed, only towels in the closet and waterproof sheets so she decided to spy on her. Jayden hides in her daughter’s closet and heard a very interesting phone conversation.

When she was asked, Alison told her step mom that she give massages and offered her one. Jayden was pretty amazed by her step daughter’s skills and things got hotter and hotter between them especially when she touched her mom inappropriately. She apologized for it, but Jayden didn’t seem too bothered about it, so she told her mom to open her legs wide open and the rest you can see in the video below. Enjoy it and don’t forget to get back for more updates!

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Nuru Massage – Hot Asian Masseuses

Check out this impressive nuru massage videos, to see how one of our amazing Asian babes is being fucked hard by her client, right there, on the massage table. After a very relaxing oily massage session, she offered her client a full access to her shaved stretched pussy. He kissed and licked her until she was totaly ready to shove his huge fat tool deep inside it. But before he stuffed his erect cock into her wet cunt, she offered him an amazing blow job, just to be 100% sure that he’s huge enough for her eager pussy! Enjoy this amazing video!

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Take a look at this outstanding nurumassage update, because this is a limited edition one! This extraordinary video offers you a very wild babe who is totally covered in sticky oil, together with her partner. She is ready to get dirty today, because her pussy was on fire since the last week, so she’s definitely going to ruin that hard fat cock. Her tiny little hands can barely comprise that massive tool, but she’s a skilled babe, so nothing will stay between her pussy and that huge cock. Let’s all enjoy this happy ending massage and this superb masseuse!

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Nuru Massage – Oily Massage

The following nuru massage video is a an amazing one and I promise you that it will be your favorite of all times! Our smoking hot babe, an impressive Asian babe is going to play with a very large tool and that’s not all of it. She is going to have fun while making this guy she’s screwing around with completely crazy about her. She really knows the art of massage, so let’s have a look at them. At first, she took a large quantity of slippery oil and put it all over her and her client’s body. Then she started to rub his dick and slide on his leg, rubbing her stretched shaved pussy by his leg.

He received a full access to her cunt and her ass hole, while she was sliding over his leg and his hard tool. Then she started to touch her firm rounded boobs, pressing her erect nipples slowly. As soon as she was done with her boob play, she started to lick that massive slippery cock from top to bottom, making this guy scream of such an intense pleasure. We shall see what else is going to happen in that nurumassage room of erotic fun! For more scenes like this, go here!

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Asian Expert

Another excellent week and here we are at our amazing nuru massage video updates, for your watching pleasure. Today we have a fresh new comer between the masseuses and she’s preparing her very first unsupervised massage. The guy is a fellow that truly enjoys having the new ladies give him the rub, since he truly enjoys offering them hints about what they should do after that. Enough to say that this was just ideal for this brunette Asian beauty, as she had absolutely no issues by following his suggestions and making his day outstanding with her sensual massage.

So, without additional due, chill out and enjoy her nurumassage video, as she operates his body using her own incredibly catchy and rounded tits. As a reward, in the end she felt truly generous and she also offered the guy one memorable happy end as well. She informed him that she meant to fuck him too now, in the end, given that he believed she did an excellent job for her first massage. So watch her as she also blows his huge hard cock and screws him, only for your leisure today. See you shortly with a lot more, guys and in the meantime you can visit website and have fun watching other amateur babes getting hard fucked for cash. See a new video with another lusty rubbing session, right here!


See this Asian masseuse offering a full body massage!

Nuru Massage – Hot 69

Hello, guys! We have a very special surprise for today’s nuru massage update! A smoking hot babe with her favorite client, tangled in the 69 position. As I already told you, this is going to be a very special video, so try to relax and concentrate on this nuru massage update. This gorgeous busty brunette welcomed her client into the massage area, treating him with cold drinks and chillout music. He felt like home, from the very beginning, cause this massage parlor is a very friendly zone, and a totally stress free one. So check out this video, to see how this slutty masseuse is taking care of this guy, by covering him in perfumed oils and lotions.

After making him more relaxed than before, she started to ride him with her face directed to the window, offering him a full access to her private zones. He took advantage of this situation and started to kiss her little shaved pussy, licking it and munching it, while she grabbed his tool and performed an incredible blow job. Don’t miss this oily 69 update, to see what else she planned for this guy! You will never guess what she’s going to do with his erect cock! See another slippery massage over here, now that you got hot!


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Cock Hungry Masseuse

We are pleased to provide you the following nuru massage update, a wonderful video with one of our sexy masseuses, a really naughty babe who enjoys to make all of the guys content. She is a lot more than committed to erotic massage videos, meaning that she is happy to go to what it takes to succeed in her objective, which implies to get a dick hard and erect. Today she experienced a little exciting moments with her preferred client, some guy who steps into our studio around twice, even 3 times per week. This is his retreat when he’s working with tough issues or challenging situations at the workplace. He comes here and he transforms into a brand new person, the moment he is looked after by our nurumassage hotties.

But let’s focus on this wild nuru therapist, a sexy babe who desires to offer rubs and not only that. She loves all the dicks, so each and every time she has the possibility, she plays with them much more than she is meant to. Like now, when her guy came out at the doorway. She welcomed him inside to have a little exciting time together, ending up by offering him probably the most amazing happy endings ever in his life! On this link you can enjoy watching precisely how the things attended! If you wanna see some slutty teens sucking cocks and getting fucked, visit the site!


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Asian Nuru Massage

This is an additional typical customer right here at our studio and her never ceases to present at least once weekly for his calming asian nuru massage with a happy end, accomplished by the very skilled and hot ladies that we have here. Today, he was planning to be taken care of by a smoking hot Asian babe. She’s a cute newbie, but she learns fast and it was really her delight to be at the convenience of the hunk, today. She was planning to put into use every little thing that she mastered today, to attract her customer.

She would like to wow everyone for this nurumassage update truly, as you’ll have the ability to see her going all out from the very start and also making a audacious dialogue with the guy, too. She does her job perfectly it seems, and so she basically requests the guy if he would want a little extra happy end for this erotic massage. So, straight away, watch her while she is doing her work nicely and then she blows the lucky guy’s huge cock, which makes it a totally happy finish. You understand the deal, we’re gonna be back again in a few days so stay tuned.


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