Lina Cole & Eric Masterson Brunette Porn

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Some massage parlors frown on bachelor parties, but a trained Nuru masseuse like Lina Cole is always available to please an entire gathering of buddies setting up their pal for his matrimonial vows. Of course, as a good best man Eric isn’t about to hire Lina without sampling the goods for himself first. Lina is a lot taller than the other girls, standing damn near 5′ 10” tall and she has such powerful hands – capable of squeezing all the stress right out of you. From the shower to the hot tub she never lets a cock get cold, always fondling her man with her hands or burying his dick balls-deep in the back of her soft wet throat. Leaning in to suck out the last drops of cum is the sexy finish that has made Lina one of Nuru’s most popular therapists!